What To Do In Order Feel Good About Yourself

If you feel depressed and not good about yourself activity and specific actions will make you feel better. A decrease in the activity consequently amplifies depressed mood which leads to even greater passivity. How to get out of this vicious cycle? It is not easy, but possible.

Changing life philosophy – many people who are prone to depressive mood secretly grown very dysfunctional, self-defeating philosophy of life that can be viewed in a number of implicit or explicit attitudes about life, itself and others.  What is typical for people who are prone to depression are the tendency to over-generalize, self-devaluation and the belief that their suffering would be eternal. Discover what is your philosophy toward the life, question whether such a philosophy is grounded in reality and do you benefit from this way of thinking. When you find your self-defeating philosophy, plan and replace them with new self-helping philosophies and attitudes.

Physical activity – people who don’t feel good about themselves usually have very little of any type of physical activity, which is one of the ways in which the depressed mood maintains. How will you feel good if you spend all day in the house without any physical involvement? The only way to get out of this vicious circle is to literally force yourself to run and to leave the house, even if it was against your current mood. Make a plan, start with lighter activities, walks around the neighborhood, for example. Be sure that every day you have at least half an hour of some physical activity. In the beginning will be difficult, but later you will feel better, be patient.

Work – work is not only a source of money but also a testing ground for self-assertion, self-realization, confidence, achievement of social contacts, a way to constructively spend time during the day. People who have too much free time generate negative thoughts about themselves, others, and life as a way to overcome boredom and lack of content. So if you do not have a job, find a job and try to involve yourself into what you’re doing. If you immediately don’t find the job of your dreams, do not despair, find a remotely acceptable job while you are searching for other.

Socially contacts and socializing – if you have lost friends or for whatever reason are no longer in contact with them, find a new one. Friends come and go, make the most of every opportunity to get to know some new people. You never know when you will meet an interesting person. Always be open to new contacts.

Planning the future and long-term goals – to give your life a sense, it is desirable to make some long-term plan, for example, what will you do by the end of the year, how can you improve your education, work and so on. Formulate your goals and think about strategies to achieve them.

Troubleshooting – be brave and admit to yourself that you have certain problems. Deal with problems rather than despair, and avoid disposing of their solution. Every problem has a solution, it is rarely ideal, but any solution is better than delay and denial. You may feel dissatisfied and frustrated when things do not go as you imagine, but that does not mean you have to be necessarily depressed.

Expressing feelings – express your feelings whenever you have the opportunity and when external conditions permit. If you are sad cry, if you are angry to express your anger and dissatisfaction, but always be sure that your behavior is not hurting people around you. If you have a loved one, share your feelings with this person, but do not overdo that.

Hobbies and new interesting activities – it is desirable to find some new activities and interests that you’ll practice purely for pleasure and not for acquiring some external rewards. This kind of pleasure will make you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied, even if it takes a few hours.

Small everyday pleasure – you should never neglect everyday small pleasures. Sometimes just a walk in the park, going to the cinema, going out for coffee or ice cream can significantly change your gloomy mood. Make time to treat yourself with some small pleasures.

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