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Leading Causes Of Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy can be a combination of both eager anticipation and a happy feeling. The expecting mother experiences quick alterations to her hormones as she goes through the various pregnancy stages and these changes work together to help her in coping with the everyday stress in addition to contributing to the growth and development of the unborn child. Some expectant mothers become too anxious and stressed due to the expectations of child birth, and this is not good for both mother and the unborn child.

Common factors in pregnancy stress Several psychiatrists in Encino, CA found that the fear of having a miscarriage is one of the usual causes of stress for expecting mothers. Pregnancy stress is brought about by such factors as history of pregnancy complications and or advancement in age, difficulty in conceiving and previous miscarriage.

Not preparing adequately for the physical challenges of pregnancy is another one the causes of pregnancy stress. It is required of pregnant women to sleep more often. They will need to adequately plan and prepare for the needed change in their eating habits. Other very important factors expectant mother have to bear in mind is that they will become tired more often and experience morning sickness.

Just like the case of not being ready for the challenges of pregnancy, doing too much work while pregnant can also be a problem. Pregnant women can cut down on her level of activities when she puts into consideration her other obligations such as household chores, work or social activities. In today’s world it is common to hear of women who keep working or engaging in physical activities up till their delivery dates, this idea can get an expectant mother entangles in keeping up with her activity level before she became pregnant.

Another very crucial cause of pregnancy stress is the difficulty in relating with family members. Pregnancy stress can be triggered by things like abuse at home or even an estranged relationship with a member of the family. Also a woman that is pregnant can be affected by the death of tough experiences of another family member and it can get to her state of mind.

In conclusion, it can be a source of pregnancy stress if it is established that there is a family or personal history of depression. It has been proven from researches carried out, that women whose family are known to have a history of depression usually are likely to experience pregnancy depression too.

Making it through pregnancy stress

A hormone known as cortisol which is linked with stress has recently been researched into to determine its roles in pregnancy stress. When a women is pregnant, it is not uncommon for her cortisol levels to rise, however if there is too much rise it can be related to miscarriage. A very important factor in handling pregnancy stress is the need to communicate regularly with the expectant mother’s doctor and friends and family so as to keep the effects and causes of pregnancy stress from becoming complicated for both mother and the unborn child.

A woman can be adversely affected by pregnancy stress and this can cause some serious problem after child birth. Some of such problem could be anxiety disorder or depression.  Contemplate talking to the West Coast TMS Institute located in Sherman Oaks, California to get a holistic psychiatric assessment if you suspect anxiety or depressive symptoms while pregnant. You can get to know more about the health of women by reading our post on pregnancy anxiety.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not medical advice but are only for general education use; please consult your medical doctor for any individualized care.

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