Heart Attack Symptoms in Female/Women

When a woman suffers with heart disorders the situation is not exactly the same as it is in case of men because woman does not have that much high heart attack as men have. Symptoms for both men and women are not the same. Apart from these symptoms there are also some other signs that are often missed by women.

Some of the signs and symptoms of heart attack in female/women are as under


Among all of the symptoms chest pain are the most severe one and the most known symptoms out of all. But the fact is that it occurs in a different way as compared to a man. In case of women the feeling of squeezing occurs and that pain can take place anywhere within the chest.


These types of aches are more passable in women rather than in men. This type of ache also makes the women puzzled. They are unable to judge where exactly they are having the pain. The pain can occur suddenly like if you are sleeping and the pain may come so suddenly that can wake you up.


Stomach pain sometimes also leads to dangerous heart attack or heart burn. Some other symptoms regarding stomach pain that later leads to heart attack in a women starts feeling like a heavy load/pressure on her stomach. She gets involved into severe abdominal pain.


Women who does not have any genetically respiratory disease and still face and feel a sudden breathing problem, like fatigued or exhausted after a long sprint run etc. means there is something fishy. Medically, this may be a heart attack symptom. Because when the blood flow becomes uneven and breathing speeds up. This signals you have a chance of heart attack. Be alert!


Sweating is very frequent within women. Symptoms of cold sweating are very common for those women who are suspected to have heart attack. Those sweats seem to be coming from stress. If a particular woman doesn’t get these types of cold sweats usually and these are occurring suddenly without any reason so definitely she should go and see the doctor.


There are also some women who are suffering with heart disorders get very tired soon and it’s without doing any kind of work they get tired. There tiredness is to such extent that they feel it difficult to even walk towards the bathroom.


One of the other most common problems is that sleeping problem occurs while you are at bed. If you are having this kind of problem like you are tired and want to get slept but you can’t sleep and this problem has never been taken place before so you must visit your doctor and keep it as your first priority.

Apart from all these symptoms, it is not necessary that every woman should have the same symptoms because there might be some other hidden symptoms as well.

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