Heart Attack Symptoms in Female/Women

When a woman suffers with heart disorders the situation is not exactly the same as it is in case of men because woman does not have that much high heart attack as men have. Symptoms for both men and women are not the same. Apart from these symptoms there are also some other signs that are often missed by women.

Some of the signs and symptoms of heart attack in female/women are as under


Among all of the symptoms chest pain are the most severe one and the most known symptoms out of all. But the fact is that it occurs in a different way as compared to a man. In case of women the feeling of squeezing occurs and that pain can take place anywhere within the chest.


These types of aches are more passable in women rather than in men. This type of ache also makes the women puzzled. They are unable to judge where exactly they are having the pain. The pain can occur suddenly like if you are sleeping and the pain may come so suddenly that can wake you up.


Stomach pain sometimes also leads to dangerous heart attack or heart burn. Some other symptoms regarding stomach pain that later leads to heart attack in a women starts feeling like a heavy load/pressure on her stomach. She gets involved into severe abdominal pain.


Women who does not have any genetically respiratory disease and still face and feel a sudden breathing problem, like fatigued or exhausted after a long sprint run etc. means there is something fishy. Medically, this may be a heart attack symptom. Because when the blood flow becomes uneven and breathing speeds up. This signals you have a chance of heart attack. Be alert!


Sweating is very frequent within women. Symptoms of cold sweating are very common for those women who are suspected to have heart attack. Those sweats seem to be coming from stress. If a particular woman doesn’t get these types of cold sweats usually and these are occurring suddenly without any reason so definitely she should go and see the doctor.


There are also some women who are suffering with heart disorders get very tired soon and it’s without doing any kind of work they get tired. There tiredness is to such extent that they feel it difficult to even walk towards the bathroom.


One of the other most common problems is that sleeping problem occurs while you are at bed. If you are having this kind of problem like you are tired and want to get slept but you can’t sleep and this problem has never been taken place before so you must visit your doctor and keep it as your first priority.

Apart from all these symptoms, it is not necessary that every woman should have the same symptoms because there might be some other hidden symptoms as well.


Natural Headache Remedies

Headaches could occur for various reasons but natural headache remedies always make it easy to deal with these. In some cases this may depend upon the cause of the headache but, usually, most headaches are cured easily by the use of natural methods and remedies. Before going for a medicine it is a good idea to try out natural headache remedies because these are simpler, easier and you don’t have to spend money when going for these methods either. These methods aren’t as complicated as taking painkillers- you may have to eat painkillers at certain times of the day (before or after dinner, for example).

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches in most people. Drinking plenty of water is one of the many natural headache remedies for someone suffering from dehydration. Dehydration does not just occur due to lack of water- it could also be due to the lack of important nutrients in our bodies at the time. It is always a good idea to drink a lot of water, lay off caffeine, and to load up on carbohydrates in such instances. The headache, in this case, is mild but persistent at the same time too. You tend to feel lethargic, tired and feverish before, during and/or after you get such a headache.

Natural headache remedies also include sleep. You may be tired or stressed out. Getting stressed out can cause the worst headaches that even pills may not be able to help you with. Sleeping is a good idea because that makes you feel more relaxed mentally and physically. Someone could massage your head as you sleep. Usually headaches occur due to compressed blood vessels and a massage could help relieve you of such headaches.

Exercise is also one of the most effective natural headache remedies. Exercise helps relieve you of mental stress and causes your body to release hormones that actually make you happy. Plus, your heart tends to pump blood faster as you work out. Since headaches occur due to compressed vessels an increase in the blood flow may help you get rid of it to an extent. Sometimes we tend to hold on to anger, feelings of anxiety, panic and other negative feelings of the sort. These affect the blood flow negatively too. Channeling these into your workouts would be very helpful because you’d be de-stressing yourself that way, too.

Natural headache remedies can be much more effective than pills and other medications. The thing about natural headache remedies is that they help you correct hormonal imbalances and relieve you of emotional stress due to which the root cause of the problem is dealt with and fixed. Pills can and do help too but they do not work if you do not deal with the root cause. If you continue to feel stressed out, worried and other negative emotions, a pill won’t work. This is why natural headache remedies are so important- they help with headaches by allowing you to get rid of negative emotions.

Stress at the pregnant woman at home

Leading Causes Of Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy can be a combination of both eager anticipation and a happy feeling. The expecting mother experiences quick alterations to her hormones as she goes through the various pregnancy stages and these changes work together to help her in coping with the everyday stress in addition to contributing to the growth and development of the unborn child. Some expectant mothers become too anxious and stressed due to the expectations of child birth, and this is not good for both mother and the unborn child.

Common factors in pregnancy stress Several psychiatrists in Encino, CA found that the fear of having a miscarriage is one of the usual causes of stress for expecting mothers. Pregnancy stress is brought about by such factors as history of pregnancy complications and or advancement in age, difficulty in conceiving and previous miscarriage.

Not preparing adequately for the physical challenges of pregnancy is another one the causes of pregnancy stress. It is required of pregnant women to sleep more often. They will need to adequately plan and prepare for the needed change in their eating habits. Other very important factors expectant mother have to bear in mind is that they will become tired more often and experience morning sickness.

Just like the case of not being ready for the challenges of pregnancy, doing too much work while pregnant can also be a problem. Pregnant women can cut down on her level of activities when she puts into consideration her other obligations such as household chores, work or social activities. In today’s world it is common to hear of women who keep working or engaging in physical activities up till their delivery dates, this idea can get an expectant mother entangles in keeping up with her activity level before she became pregnant.

Another very crucial cause of pregnancy stress is the difficulty in relating with family members. Pregnancy stress can be triggered by things like abuse at home or even an estranged relationship with a member of the family. Also a woman that is pregnant can be affected by the death of tough experiences of another family member and it can get to her state of mind.

In conclusion, it can be a source of pregnancy stress if it is established that there is a family or personal history of depression. It has been proven from researches carried out, that women whose family are known to have a history of depression usually are likely to experience pregnancy depression too.

Making it through pregnancy stress

A hormone known as cortisol which is linked with stress has recently been researched into to determine its roles in pregnancy stress. When a women is pregnant, it is not uncommon for her cortisol levels to rise, however if there is too much rise it can be related to miscarriage. A very important factor in handling pregnancy stress is the need to communicate regularly with the expectant mother’s doctor and friends and family so as to keep the effects and causes of pregnancy stress from becoming complicated for both mother and the unborn child.

A woman can be adversely affected by pregnancy stress and this can cause some serious problem after child birth. Some of such problem could be anxiety disorder or depression.  Contemplate talking to the West Coast TMS Institute located in Sherman Oaks, California to get a holistic psychiatric assessment if you suspect anxiety or depressive symptoms while pregnant. You can get to know more about the health of women by reading our post on pregnancy anxiety.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not medical advice but are only for general education use; please consult your medical doctor for any individualized care.


The Gluten Illness Connection – What You Must Know

Hypersensitivity organism to gluten can be explained by a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that the wheat today is significantly different from the old wheat, used by our grandparents. Modification of seed, protective chemicals, the process of industrial production of food and other factors have changed the quality and composition of foods that contain gluten, and thus their impact on the human organism.

Gluten – where it is hiding?

It is found in wheat, barley and rye, but also in all the products that are made from them, or they can form a trace. Gluten can be in pasta, pizza, snacks, soups, industrial food, and even in foods for infants. The problem is that gluten can hide in additives, preservatives and stabilizers for different foods, so many times you can’t be sure. It can also be found in processed foods, hygiene products and medicines.

What causes gluten illness?

Science is increasingly recognizing that many diseases may be related to dietary factors. Despite the great diversity of disease, gluten in all of them can be the main cause or result in a worsening of symptoms. For some of these symptoms, gluten can be the reason: Depression and anxiety, confusion and inability to concentrate, arthritis, headache, mood changes, bloating and abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, epileptic seizures, psoriasis.

In children, gluten can cause difficult breathing and frequent ear infections.

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people who cannot tolerate gluten do not know about it. Recognition of intolerance to gluten is not easy, especially in its early stages. Later, it can turn into a celiac. Celiac disease or gluten sensitive enteropathy is the most common chronic gastroenterological autoimmune disease characterized by intolerance to gluten organism. The symptoms are long-lasting diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, loss of appetite and low muscle mass.

In a large number of adolescents who suffer from celiac disease was observed delay in the development of puberty. With infants, it may occur a few months after the introduction of gluten in the diet.

Untreated celiac disease can have a number of serious consequences. Among them is damage to the intestine, which is associated with autoimmune disease, low growth (and sometimes the only symptom of the disease) and chronic inflammation of the liver.

At the same time, celiac disease can affect the thyroid gland disorder and various hormonal disorders.

The only cure for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. Such a diet provides a completely normal life for a patient and does not interfere with any activities.

Testing for celiac disease

For accurate diagnosis small bowel biopsy is essential, but you can test yourself. If you have doubts, remove all food that contains gluten from your diet. Hold gluten-free diet for a week and carefully observe if you feel better, and if symptoms are reduced. Next week eat a lot of foods with gluten. Keep track of changes in your body. Remember that symptoms may appear only after 2-3 days. This test applies to other types of foods that you suspect that bother you.

The permitted and prohibited foods

The list of allowed starchy and grain foods:amaranth, buckwheat, chickpeas, corn /maize starch, flax nuts /beans /seeds, millet, rice, sago, sorghum, soybeans, tapioca…

These are foods that should be avoided:barley and barley malt, bran, bulgur, Couscous, wheat – all types, wheat bran / germ / starch, whites, durum, oats, rye

Be careful with products that contain artificial colors and artificial flavors, although advertised as natural.

It is not recommended to drink beer, eat breaded food, mustard, marinades, candy and food with modified starch, thickener, and various fillings.


What To Do In Order Feel Good About Yourself

If you feel depressed and not good about yourself activity and specific actions will make you feel better. A decrease in the activity consequently amplifies depressed mood which leads to even greater passivity. How to get out of this vicious cycle? It is not easy, but possible.

Changing life philosophy – many people who are prone to depressive mood secretly grown very dysfunctional, self-defeating philosophy of life that can be viewed in a number of implicit or explicit attitudes about life, itself and others.  What is typical for people who are prone to depression are the tendency to over-generalize, self-devaluation and the belief that their suffering would be eternal. Discover what is your philosophy toward the life, question whether such a philosophy is grounded in reality and do you benefit from this way of thinking. When you find your self-defeating philosophy, plan and replace them with new self-helping philosophies and attitudes.

Physical activity – people who don’t feel good about themselves usually have very little of any type of physical activity, which is one of the ways in which the depressed mood maintains. How will you feel good if you spend all day in the house without any physical involvement? The only way to get out of this vicious circle is to literally force yourself to run and to leave the house, even if it was against your current mood. Make a plan, start with lighter activities, walks around the neighborhood, for example. Be sure that every day you have at least half an hour of some physical activity. In the beginning will be difficult, but later you will feel better, be patient.

Work – work is not only a source of money but also a testing ground for self-assertion, self-realization, confidence, achievement of social contacts, a way to constructively spend time during the day. People who have too much free time generate negative thoughts about themselves, others, and life as a way to overcome boredom and lack of content. So if you do not have a job, find a job and try to involve yourself into what you’re doing. If you immediately don’t find the job of your dreams, do not despair, find a remotely acceptable job while you are searching for other.

Socially contacts and socializing – if you have lost friends or for whatever reason are no longer in contact with them, find a new one. Friends come and go, make the most of every opportunity to get to know some new people. You never know when you will meet an interesting person. Always be open to new contacts.

Planning the future and long-term goals – to give your life a sense, it is desirable to make some long-term plan, for example, what will you do by the end of the year, how can you improve your education, work and so on. Formulate your goals and think about strategies to achieve them.

Troubleshooting – be brave and admit to yourself that you have certain problems. Deal with problems rather than despair, and avoid disposing of their solution. Every problem has a solution, it is rarely ideal, but any solution is better than delay and denial. You may feel dissatisfied and frustrated when things do not go as you imagine, but that does not mean you have to be necessarily depressed.

Expressing feelings – express your feelings whenever you have the opportunity and when external conditions permit. If you are sad cry, if you are angry to express your anger and dissatisfaction, but always be sure that your behavior is not hurting people around you. If you have a loved one, share your feelings with this person, but do not overdo that.

Hobbies and new interesting activities – it is desirable to find some new activities and interests that you’ll practice purely for pleasure and not for acquiring some external rewards. This kind of pleasure will make you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied, even if it takes a few hours.

Small everyday pleasure – you should never neglect everyday small pleasures. Sometimes just a walk in the park, going to the cinema, going out for coffee or ice cream can significantly change your gloomy mood. Make time to treat yourself with some small pleasures.