The increasing desire to stay healthy and get into shape is responsible for making a lot of people take healthy decisions, one such decisions being the decision to hit the streets and run regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. While running is good for health as it improves one’s overall condition by increasing lung capacity, lowering blood pressure and increasing bone strength, it is also hard on the feet and the ankles. These withstand enormous stress every time you run. Moreover, improper running can cause you to develop chronic pain, which in turn results in occasional visits to a chiropodist redditch, i.e. a foot doctor.

If you are in Redditch and you’re planning to take up running in order to get into shape then you should do it the right way so that you don’t need to visit a chiropodist there because of your running routine. One of the prerequisites before taking up a running routine on a daily basis is a good pair of shoes. By investing in a proper pair of running shoes, you will be able to protect your feet from the damaging impact of running. It goes without saying that running makes your feet strike the ground with the full force and weight of your body, which can be damaging if you don’t have the right shoes. Running shoes are designed to provide adequate shock-absorbing cushioning for your feet, therefore they are any day superior to a regular pair of trainers.

Also, you need to be in a fit shape in order to run, therefore if you are just getting started with this routine then it is advisable to take baby steps by going for jogging first. You can jog indoors or outdoors but it is better to opt for the latter since you also get to take in fresh air in the process, which is good for the body. Jogging works out your entire body because it causes the bones, joints, ligaments and the network of blood vessels and tendons to work together in synchronization for the purpose of enabling the individual to jog!

Moreover, after jogging for a considerable amount of time, your body would be able to adapt to running without any problem. Over time, jogging helps to make the bones and muscles of the legs stronger. Thus, your legs would be able to withstand the forces placed upon them and you will also be able to build up an impressive stamina to begin running. Thus, you shouldn’t make the mistake of starting out too fast when it comes to running. Allow your body to train for a considerable period of time before transitioning from jogging to running on a regular basis in order to keep fit.

Irrespective of whether you are jogging or running, you should build up a stretching routine to stretch your ligaments, tendons and muscles prior to the jogrun and also after the same. This way, you will not develop serious injury or experience muscle strains because you are warming up and cooling down your body adequately. It is also important to maintain good foot hygiene while running, therefore wearing clean socks each time you run or jog is a must!