How To Spruce Up Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day

Vanilla sex this Valentine is a hell no! Sometimes living together or dating for a long time can wane and make sex a routine. Time, on the hand, provides you with a day every year to spark the dying flames.

Making each other feel wanted and appreciated this Valentine is the ultimate way to add fire to a dull sex life. Try these surefire tips and spruce up your sex life this Valentine’s day.

  1. Take Libido Stimulating Supplements

Testosterone is the master sex hormone. You need to keep if flowing readying for the valentines. One of the best testosterone boosters is Tongkat Ali.

If you like exploring your sexual extremities, you have probably heard of longjack. That is Tongkat Ali, your ultimate libido builder. Longjack makes you a beast in bed.

There is nothing more beautiful than male primal to a woman. Confidence, vitality, virility, hard rides and the scent of testosterone is what your woman needs this Valentine.

A hard long lasting erection is your God given right. Tongkat Ali gives you that. Testosterone is your ultimate buddy to get that hard erection.

What’s more is that this Malaysian herb also called Ginseng increases the cells (Leydig) that produces testosterone. That means that you feel no rebound effect the minute you decide to withdraw. Additionally, Tongkat Ali increases your metabolism and energy output.

That alone makes you last longer and be a better performer. Hot sex is not just about how long you can last, but how lustful you get. So combine this supplement with the tips below and put your male dominance on top.

Women also need testosterone. If your woman feels like joining in this adventure, let her. The both you will have mind blowing stellar finishes. You can get your Tongkat Ali from SD-200.

  1. Enhance Your Sense of Touch with a Blindfold

With testosterone humming in your ears, take the extra step of increasing your woman’s sense of touch. The best way is using a blindfold.

Fast Stats: You sex life is predictable. If not is your sex life so perfunctory? What a boring sex life. Adventure is what keeps the sex hot. Predictability killed the love flames.

Blinding one sense improves the efficiency of the other. Blindfolds during sex magnify sexual arousal. If you are shy, a blindfold enhances your primal instincts.

Blindfolds make you feel comfortable to explore the wonders of a human body. Trust is of the essence. Believing that your partner understands your limits is enough to drive them crazy. Blindfolds allow you to explore both your sexual limits.

The best thing about using blindfolds is that they are perfect for oral sex and penetration. Anticipation in the bedroom can make your sex life explosive.

A feather light touch here and there keeps testosterone buzz intensified. Use your lips and tongue to create small ripples of pleasure.

Move from one part to the other to increase the pleasure of your strokes. Do not rush to the obvious. Let her beg you through her action. Stroke her breast and move down slowly.

  1. Spruce Up in the Power of Oral sex

Oral sex is a powerful tool that brings youthful energies, conditions, and fantasies alive. A slack tongue (all soft and flexible) is a great way of stimulating an organism when it lands feather light on her breasts, clitoris, labia, and even her neck region.

Women are full of wonders. Every part of her body when stimulated right gives satisfactory results. Do not be ashamed or feel repressive about going down your woman. She loves, and you will love the turn on. Give her some tongue Deeping. The tongue has many blood vessels creating immense pleasure.

Going down on your man needs to be more than the sucking and the licking. Oral sex is a powerful tool to spruce up some youthful adventure. Try some deep sucking. Take him all the way. If you gag reflex is not active, give him the best tongue dives.

If you gag a lot, just do some light sucking. Kiss his whole shaft. Tease him with little licks. Suck on the penis tip. The more the saliva, the better it gets. Do not feel apprehensive when giving too much saliva. Every man wants to feel the slickness. Give it to him.

  1. Bring in the toys

Sex toys are a must do this Valentine. While all year you have been busy running around making errands and the dollars, cash in your effort and get a toy or two. However, before you go there, talk it with your partner. If they are okay, hurray! You two are in for the best sex of your life.

Sex Toys amp up pleasure. They stimulate sensuality giving you time to explore each other comfortably without feeling bereft. By that I mean, sex toys give you double pleasure. Depending on what you two are comfortable with, you Valentines will be that time when all you do is fun and bonding.

In women, the most used sex toy is a vibrator. If she wants a more powerful toy, try the Zini Deux. This baby keeps the both you locked. Your girl takes the hard part of the half, while you take the inverted sides. You will love it.

As a man, if you are not afraid to get the best sex this Valentine, try a cock ring. If you can get your hands on a vibrating cock ring, the better. These babes will make you last longer. They increase pleasure increases chances of a mutual climax.

  1. Reduce the friction

Lube is not a sexual problem fixer. Try to remember that this Valentines. It is a great way of bringing in fire and fun and safety to the both of you. Valentines is your day. That is when you get to romp up like a rodeo.

Chances are the both of you might end up bruising each other. Sex is always more pleasurable and comfortable when it is wet. The sleeker and slick the two of you are, the better it gets, the more you last.

While it is true that women mostly use lube, men too can indulge in this wonder. The hand job is more pleasurable and satisfying when lube is the picture.

Having a well-lubricated penis prevents abrasion or damage to both the vagina and penis. It can also make sexual intercourse last longer. Just a few drops of lube is enough, warmer, wetter, and comfortable for penetration.

We all know that penetration is the season finale of every bang. So why not make your woman and you get a stellar finish. Lube is perfect for foreplay and during the main dish. Warming some lube on her nipples is enough to make your woman squirm with stellar orgasms.

Massage her vulva with lube, and she will never forgive. Massage his perineum during foreplay, and he will bang you like a beast.

 Final Thoughts

Before going for the penetration consider using these tips. Today, foreplay is what keeps us from having great sex. Rushing to the main dish can kill love and desire.

So just for one day, keep her interests first. Yes, Valentines is all about the woman and what makes her feel good. Why? Pleasing her is rewarding. As a man you will have the best sex of your life the minute, she submits to you.

For her to give you full control, you need to pamper and beg her. Women love attention. Take your time. Tomorrow does not matter today. At this time only your tongue, hands, lips and penis counts. Have a stellar Valentines.



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