An Introduction to Flexible Dieting – Diet Hacking

What is flexible dieting?

Flexile diet, also known as If It Fits Your Macros or in short IIFYM, is gaining popularity among an increasing number of people who want to lose weight or to just keep their body lean and strong. The dieting notion in the term often misleads people to think the whole regime is structured after the idea of dieting as commonly understood. Flexible dieting has nothing to do with saying good bye to your favorite delicacies, a common thread in most of the dieting prescriptions given by dieting gurus. Rather flexible dieting is more of a nutritional concept that simply involves the tracking and management of your daily intake of macronutrients to realize an intended body composition.

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Meaning of body composition

Your body constitutes of varying percentages of bones, fat, water and muscle constitute your body. Each of these components comprises a certain percentage of your body. The relative percentage of each of each of these components is referred to as the body composition. The leanness of your body is determined by your body composition and your weight. Your diet is critical in determining your body composition since your body is the net result of your daily calorie intake. Calories come from the nutrients we get into our bodies from the foods we eat. In this set up macronutrients play a key role in determining your level of calorie intake. The more the macro-nutrients you take in, the more the calorie intake.

Managing Macronutrients: Introduction to flexible dieting

Macronutrients are the three vital environmental substances required in relatively large amounts by your body for growth, energy and bodily functions. These macronutrients, or simply macros, comprise of: carbohydrates (sugars), proteins, and fats (lipids). Each of these provides the body with energy in form of calories. Carbohydrates provides 4 calories per gram, fats provide 9 calories per gram while proteins generate 4 calories per gram. Your body weight and leanness depends on the amount of calorie intake compared to the amount of calories you use. If your calorie intake is higher than your calorie usage, the balance is changed and stored as fat in various parts of your body. To ensure you are getting the correct amount of calories you have to establish the number of calories you need per day and translate these into macronutrients. This is referred to as macro counting.

The IIFY trick is simple. First you establish the ideal number of calories you should take to achieve your target.

Second, faithfully track your macros as a guide to determine how much of your delicacy you should take and third you stick to the required calorie levels in all your foods. Whatever food, if it fits your macros, proceed and enjoy it. Flexible Dieting empowers you to achieve this.

Benefits of flexible dieting

  • · No restrictive diet

Flexible dieting comes in handy in tracking and managing your calorie intake without putting restrictions to the kind of foods you eat. This kind of dieting allows you to continue enjoying your favorite meals, snacks and drinks. You do not have to adhere to strict and restrictive regimens. In short you continue eating everything that you want.

  • No more feeling odd

You don’t have to feel the odd one out when you are the company of others. You can join in the party without having to pack special diets that separate you from the rest.

  • It works

Contrary to what some people might think IIFY has been proven to work effectively and deliver the desired results.

  • You are in-charge

Instead of being at the mercy of your doctor or dietician, flexible dieting gives you control over your lifestyle. You choose what and how much to eat.

Who should do flexible dieting?

If you desire the flexibility of being in-charge of your life and your diet, then flexible dieting is for you. Anyone who wants to control and manage their weight and leanness can benefit from this easy and convenient approach to achieve the desired levels of health and fitness.

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