15 Secret natural plants and herbs for weight loss

Anybody would apparently agree with that in recent years, the issue of weight loss has become a common problem for many individuals. Due to this, numerous procedures and approaches have been designed, all with the principal focus on combating the problem. Arguably, some have been successful, but certain procedures have failed. herb for weight lossWith that in mind, I’ll provide you with the good news. The magic behind herbs for weight loss. Herbs are a multi-tasking and powerful medication that helps in managing weight loss. In this article, some of the most prolific herbs that can be used to counter weight loss problem are going to be discussed in detail, with an aim of making you have concrete understanding and knowledge about them so that you may be able to make an informed decision when choosing which plant or herbs to use.

The herbs for weight loss

15. Ginseng

For ages now, this herb has been the go to herb by the Chinese community, as a traditional medicine for stamina, energy, and overall well-being. However, modern researchers have proved that ginseng can also be used as an effective tool for weight loss.

Firstly, ginseng is an Adaptogen, which is a substance that enhances your body’s ability to cope with emotional, environmental and physical stress. Perhaps by now each one of us understands how stress can significantly undermine your desire to lose weight.

Secondly, the herb boosts your body’s metabolism so that when you eat, you are likely to store less fat. It also fills you with lots of energy and therefore you can remain more active and hence allowance to burn more calories.

For the mode of consumption, it can be taken both in dried or as raw form. It is also important to note that although the roots are the most helpful part of the herb, there are also benefits in the leaves.

14. Guggul herb extract

As one of the herbs for weight loss, Guggul is notably an old aged herbal medicine and is recommended by medics as a powerful tool that can be used to manage weight loss. The gum Guggul resin is extracted from the Mukul Commiphora tree. The extract contains Guggulsterone, which is known to be a cholesterol-lowering, an antitumor, and an anti-angiogenic ingredient.

How it works;

The weight loss effect of the herb comes from its activity on the thyroid gland. If you didn’t know, thyroid hormones are necessary for determining metabolic rate, which on the other hand decides the number of calories one would burn in a day.

As it stimulates thyroid function, the metabolic rate comes to the optimum level and the whole process of achieving weight loss becomes much faster and easier.

The other advantage of Guggul usage is that it lowers the cholesterol levels in the body, and enables you to experience a good mood, which is vital for weight loss management.

For maximum results, it is advisable that you take a quarter of a teaspoon of Guggul gum, four times a day.

13. Hibiscus Tea

The flowers of Hibiscus contains flavonoids, nutrients, and other vital minerals. For weight loss management, the herb works as follows.

It contains amylase inhibitors which aid in lowering absorption of carbohydrates and fats. The carbohydrates and fats in the body are broken down by the herb and as a result, are flushed out of the body.

The herb also possesses some mild diuretic properties, which are essential in the removal of the excess water weight, hence your bloating is reduced.

For preparation, you’ll need to add a cup full of dry hibiscus, to eight cups of water, and you’ll have made a medication capable of peeling off your unwanted weight.

12. Grapefruit

A very healthy grapefruit has been found to contain a fat burning molecule, and a flavonoid ingredient known as Naringenin. So how does the grapefruit performs its function of managing weight loss?grapfruit used as herb for weight loss

The Naringenin component acts by balancing the blood sugar levels of your body, hence helping in the prevention of the metabolic syndrome, which is known to cause fatness.

Additionally, the grapefruit makes your liver burn up the excessive fat instead of keeping it.

The application of this particular medication is quite simple, and you’ll only need to take a glass full of grapefruit during the morning hours, and boost your liver’s fat burning process.

11. Cinnamon

As one of the herbs for weight loss, cinnamon has always been used as a classic holiday spice. However, it has been found that it can balance blood glucose levels in the body. Bearing in mind that you might have already used it in oatmeal, you can still increase your daily consumption by mixing this helpful spice in your plain yogurt or cheese.

Cinnamon curbs weight loss by naturally balancing your blood glucose levels, thus aiding to prevent cravings and you can no longer yearn for more food.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

This particular one boasts of a mixture of acids such as malic and acetic acids. The acids are the active ingredients, charged with the duty of burning the fats. Apart from the weight loss benefit, it also contains beneficial bacteria from the fermented apples, as well as minerals and many vitamins for overall health.

Its modes of action;

As mentioned earlier, the acids present helps in the minimization of insulin and glucose fluctuations, slows digestion and curbs appetite.

For consumption, Apple cider vinegar is made from crushed and fermented apples.

9. Green Coffee Bean

The raw, unroasted coffee beans contain caffeine and chlorogenic acids, which are responsible for its ability to help individuals lose weight.

It works in the following manner;

The named acids act as antioxidants thereby helping to support metabolism and also plays a role in the energy boost.

Additionally, the chlorogenic acid slows down the release of glucose into the blood, and also reduces absorption of fat.

8. Saffron
Another great medication, when used as herbs for weight loss, is the Satiereal, which is an extract from saffron. It has been clinically tested and found to reduce weight after only eight weeks of use.saffron can be use for weight loss

Saffron is known for reducing the feelings of hunger and through this, your quest for frequent snacking is prevented.
It also sustains good moods, which is critical for weight loss.

7. Damiana

Damiana is a wild shrub found in Mexico, West Indies, and Central America. Though it has other numerous uses; it is also helpful in matters relating to weight loss. This is because it affects the digestive system leading to the removal of stools and loss of water weight. However, detailed studies have shown that; It helps in delaying gastric emptying, hence providing a feeling of fullness for longer periods after taking meals. Therefore incidences of frequent snacking are effectively prevented.

6. Gymnema

As one of the herbs for weight loss, Gymnema is a plant native to Africa and has been used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine.

Balancing blood glucose levels, which is a requirement for successful weight loss. Blocking sugar absorption and stopping sugar cravings, which is the main contributor to some individuals’ weight issues.

5. Turmeric

The yellow colored spice can help one burn body fats, and that is according to a study conducted by researchers. The active ingredient is curcumin, which suppresses inflammatory messaging in the cells including fat, muscle, and pancreatic cells.

The curcumin component helps curb high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, high levels of cholesterol and other metabolic conditions that result in increased weight.

If you had not used this one before, you can now add it to stews and soups or just sprinkle over nuts and other foods as well, and you would be amazed at how effective it could be.

4. Cayenne

Cayenne is quite similar to turmeric, and can be used to curb weight loss problems. It raises body temperature, enhancing metabolism. According to research, it has been found to burn close to a hundred calories per meal, if you use it as a spice.

3. Forskohlii

This is a herb which grows on the sun-exposed slopes of India. And if you didn’t know, it belongs to the mint family of herbs. The active component is forskolin and is extracted from roots of the plant.

The forskolin ingredient activates an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, which increases the amounts of cyclic AMP in the body, and is an essential cell-regulating compound. Its increment promotes fat breakdown, healthy metabolic function and also maintains standard blood sugar levels, which are all vital conditions for effective body weight loss.

2. Raspberry Ketone

If you didn’t know, the ketone is the compound that provides raspberries with their aroma. In laboratories, four pounds of fresh raspberries produces one capsule of Raspberry Ketones. When you desire to obtain the same results from fresh once, you’ll need to consume close to ninety pounds.

raspberry as herb for weight loss

The fruit functions by increasing your levels of adiponectin. This, in turn, leads to increased metabolism, regulation of glucose to optimum levels, and breakdown of fat into fatty acids for energy.

1. Tongkat Ali

This is by far one of the very best herbs for weight loss. It has been used mainly as a male enhancement supplement, but few individuals have realized its value in combating weight loss challenges. So if your interest is not majorly on the sex part, Tongkat Ali can as well handle your problem of weight loss at all costs.

The herb has been used by natives of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia as a potent aphrodisiac, energy enhancer, and a health tonic.

It works by exerting its effect on the state of psychological mood and stress hormones. It also results to increased boosts of fat loss and body muscles.

Perhaps one common sense that should guide us is that when your cortisol drops, testosterone levels is likely to increase, and you are going to lose fat and clean up. Through this, you are putting your body into a perfect muscle homeostasis, which is equally important in matters relating to weight loss.

Apart from being influential in weight loss, it has other significant benefits which include; Wellbeing and mood enhancement, penis enlargement, increased fertility and better sexual activity. It has it all.

Bottom Line

The prospect of shedding off excess weight is a tough one. It involves lots of things that may include exercise, better diet, medication and a healthy body. However, bearing in mind that there are natural herbs which are capable of providing improved results regarding weight loss, one should not just dwell on one procedure alone. Let us explore the power of herbs, and reduce weight more efficiently.

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